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DIATOMS has aligned with leading technology partners to create long-term contracts between creditworthy entities that can be securitized/arbitraged. DIATOMS owns and operates each of these projects, producing economic performance that is orders of magnitude higher than corresponding bond yields available from the same issue.

Harbor Dredging

DIATOMS and its partners have identified a solution to convert the millions of tons of toxic sediment dredged from rivers and ports into lightweight aggregate (LWA), a common construction material, which can be sold to government or commercial entities globally. The solution is in production, at scale, in multiple locations around the world. Virtually all ports and navigable channels require consistent dredging to remain operational.

DIATOMS and its partners have won two rounds of an EU RFP issued by a major European port to remediate the sediment dredged. The city is looking for a solution to stop piling mountains of waste on the valuable land alongside the harbor. DIATOMS has the technology and is in the final stages of executing a 20-year contract with the Port Authority.

Energy Plant CO₂ and Fly Ash Beneficiation

DIATOMS has identified leading-edge technologies that can store/remediate/convert CO₂ . We have partnerships in place to design, engineer and build facilities. The 2018 tax bill contained provisions for significant tax credits for storage/remediation (Section 45Q). Aggregate, liquid CO₂, gypsum, and other offtakes may also be produced. Globally, 38 billion MT of CO₂ are generated annually, and virtually all scenarios for meeting climate change targets rely on remediation as a part of the overall solution.

Many U.S. utilities are structured as cooperatives which cannot directly benefit from the tax credits. We have developed a proposal for the leadership team of a major AA-rated Midwestern utility, aimed at DIATOMS’ plan to build, own, and operate a factory on the premises, generating long-term contracts to process the fly ash and the CO₂ .

Renewable Energy

DIATOMS is partnering with a renewable energy company that has constructed three biomass-to-energy plants in the U.S. The plants utilize innovative technologies to process construction and demolition wood, forrest residue, and poultry litter to generate power and heat.

The renewable energy company has long-term contracts with credit-worthy utilities to purchase power and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). DIATOMS is also creating a circular economy around these projects to generate new products and new businesses to benefit the community.

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