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DIATOMS, Inc. is a technology / infrastructure finance company, driving progress and innovation through structured finance, tested technologies, strong counterparties, and private capital to solve the world’s largest environmental challenges.

DIATOMS is re-imagining the value, efficiency and sustainability of legacy energy related infrastructure, identifying and remediating waste streams throughout the global economy. We proactively invest in dated energy infrastructure, while always seeking to enhance and upgrade to newer, cleaner technologies. We strive to evolve old practices by investing in them, while providing a set of regional economic planning tools that incorporate new technologies and solutions to address the most damaging waste problems in the region.  We create new products and co-locate new businesses within our plan, creating a circular economy that generates robust economic activity, job creation and a supportive, thriving local community.

The company is established by a group of global technologists, entrepreneurs, financial architects, engineers, political leaders, academics, blockchain experts and economists, working in partnership with large corporations to align interests along-side of federal, state and local governments.

“Diatoms…The most important mediator of carbon dioxide and oxygen…
The most important microorganisms that you’ve never heard of.”

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